Does I Don’T Mind Mean Yes Or No?

How do you reply if you don’t mind?

In general, when someone asks Do you mind and you do not mind, the usual answer is “No, I don’t mind” or “No, go ahead.” Here are some more examples: Question: Do you mind if I open the window?.

Do you mind if I ask you something?

This is a way to carefully ask a question that you’re worried might be rude, but that you want to know anyway. For example, if you’re visiting someone’s nice apartment and you want to know if you could afford a similar one, you can ask: This is a really nice place.

Is saying do you mind rude?

An exclamation of surprise or frustration triggered by someone else’s actions, especially those considered rude or inappropriate. Whoa, do you mind?

Would you mind telling me meaning?

a) used to politely ask someone’s permissionwould you mind if Would you mind if I opened the window?

Do not mind if I do meaning?

Definition of I don’t mind if I do —used as a polite way of accepting something”Would you like another cup of coffee?” “Thank you: I don’t mind if I do.”

Do not mind me meaning?

said to tell someone who is in the same room as you not to pay any attention to you, because you do not want to interrupt what they are doing: Don’t mind me – I’m just sorting out some files here.

How do you reply would you mind?

The response “Yes, certainly”, indicates that you would mind, and emphatically so. Hence the response should be used only when you do mind. If you have no objection, the correct response would be “No, I don’t mind”, or “No, please be my guest”!

Do you mind and would you mind?

We use the phrases would you mind + -ing form, and do you mind + -ing form to ask people politely to do things. Would you mind is more polite and more common: Would you mind opening the window, please? Do you mind turning down the volume a little, please?

What does it mean to be on someone’s mind?

: worrying or bothering someone Is there something on your mind?

Do not mind means?

If you are offered something or offered a choice and you say ‘I don’t mind’, you are saying politely that you will be happy with any of the things offered.

What does not mind someone mean?

DEFINITIONS1. 1. used for telling someone to ignore someone else and continue with what they are doing. Carry on with your conversation.

How do you use I don’t mind?

It was tremendous and I don’t mind saying my expectations had been confounded. Of course, I don’t mind because this was the surest way of curing me of any religious piety. If it’s too vulgar for a family newspaper, I don’t mind it being posted to me.

Do you mind if I Meaning?

You are asking someone in present tense if they object to something you are asking. Here are some examples: “Do you mind if I excuse myself?”

Can I ask you something if you don’t mind?

used in order to be more polite when you say something that could slightly upset, annoy, or embarrass someone: If you don’t mind me saying (so), I think the soup needs a little more salt. Do you have a boyfriend, if you don’t mind me asking?