Is Jio Security Safe?

Can we track Jio phone?

If you have already booked the Reliance JioPhone, follow these steps to track where your 4G feature mobile is.

Dial 18008908900.

When you call this number, an automated vocie will ask you to provide the number you registered while pre-booking the mobile..

How do I clean junk files from my Jio phone?

Boosts performance by cleaning saved cache and junk files….Clean Master App Download For Jio Phone PriceClick ‘Start’Click on ‘Control Panel’Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.Click on ‘Clean Master’, then click ‘Remove/Uninstall. ‘Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the uninstallation.

Is Jio Security free?

Jio Security is an anti-virus solution created exclusively for Jio subscribers by anti-virus firm Norton.It is free to download and doesn’t carry advertisements. It provides protection against malware and viruses by carrying out scans every time a new app is installed on the phone.

What is Jio security?

JioSecurity is an advanced mobile security app powered by Norton Mobile Security. JioSecurity helps you with: Protection against digital threats like risky apps. Controls to safeguard your online privacy. Lost or stolen device recovery when you need it.

How do I use Jio security Anti theft?

How do I use Anti-Theft features from the JioSecurity website?Click on Sign In on the top right corner of the screen.Enter your Jio Account User name and password that was used to set up JioSecurity.Hit Login.Under ‘Choose a device to Manage’, select the device that you want to use the Anti-Theft features on.More items…

What is the best security for your phone?

The best Android antivirus app you can getBitdefender Mobile Security. Best paid option. … Norton Mobile Security. … Avast Mobile Security. … Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. … Lookout Security & Antivirus. … McAfee Mobile Security. … Google Play Protect. … 360 Security, aka Safe Security.

How can I block a number on my Jio phone without Jio security?

How To Block Number In Jio Phone 1500 Without Jio Security (In Hindi)STEP 1: From the Home Screen, launch the JioSecurity app.STEP 2: Swipe through the screens to reach the Device screen.STEP 3: Tap Call Blocking.STEP 4: On the Block List tab, tap on a contact that you want to edit or remove.More items…•

Can I install Play Store in Jio phone?

To install Play Store, you need to connect the feature phone to the internet either using mobile data or WiFi. … Click on the same to download the Play Store apps on your JioPhone.