Is Tessa Blanchard Married?

Is Tessa Blanchard single?

Tessa Blanchard and Daga have been a couple for quite a while.

Blanchard revealed on Instagram that she is now happily engaged.


Who is Tessa Blanchard’s mother?

Courtney ShattuckTessa Blanchard/Mothers

Does Tessa Blanchard have a boyfriend?

Various News: Tessa Blanchard Thanks Her Boyfriend Daga, MVP Set for Seminar in Romania. – Impact Wrestling and WOW talent Tessa Blanchard shared a message today on Instagram where she thanked her boyfriend Daga. You can check out that Instagram post below.

Why did ricochet and Tessa break up?

WWE NXT star Ricochet (Travis Mann) and Impact Wrestling Knockout Tessa Blanchard ended their long term relationship in the Spring 2018. The breakup of the “king” and “queen” of the independent promotions was attributed different schedules and infidelity from both parties.

Who is Tessa Blanchard’s dad?

Tully BlanchardTessa Blanchard/Fathers

What is Tessa Blanchard net worth?

Tessa Blanchard is an American professional wrestler signed with Impact Wrestling. Tessa Blanchard has a net worth that stands at an estimated at $3 million.

Who is Tessa Blanchard boyfriend?

Miguel OlivoOn November 20, 2019, Blanchard confirmed her engagement to fellow wrestler Miguel Olivo, better known by the ring name Daga. The couple resides in Mexico.

How old is Tessa Blanchard?

25 years (July 26, 1995)Tessa Blanchard/Age

Who is Magnum TA married to?

Courtney Shattuckm. 2005Tamara Allenm. 1988–2004Magnum T.A./Spouse