Question: Is It Worth Buying A FedEx Route?

How far do FedEx drivers drive?

Originally Answered: how many miles per day does a FedEx or UPS driver drive on average.

That answer varies from hub to hub, route to route.

In my hub, there are several routes that average maybe 5 miles a day total, whereas the route I run averages 75-80 miles a day..

How many FedEx routes can you own?

In May 2020, FedEx will finish transitioning to an independent service provider (ISP) model. With this transition comes some changes to route ownership requirements, and ISPs will be required to own at least five routes or 500 stops per day under the new model.

Can you buy a UPS route?

Fedex and UPS aren’t franchises. Their routes aren’t sold or bought. Their drivers are employees that are assigned a route. The route is determined by corporate (and computers), not by the driver.

Are FedEx drivers allowed to smoke?

Actually, you are not allowed to smoke while driving or inside any buildings for FedEx. However, that doesn’t mean that drivers DON’T when they are on road, but they are not allowed and would get written up if caught. … When we get boxes from FedEx they always stink!

Do FedEx contractors make good money?

The average Fedex Contractor salary ranges from approximately $50,434 per year for Delivery Driver to $87,994 per year for Truck Driver. Average Fedex Contractor weekly pay ranges from approximately $748 per week for Route Driver to $873 per week for Delivery Driver.

How do I become an independent contractor for FedEx?

The qualifications for work as an independent contractor for FedEx Ground include:At least one year of commercial driving experience within the last three years;Have no record of positive alcohol or drug test;Have a current commercial driver’s license; and.Be able to cross the border into Canada.

Do FedEx drivers own their routes?

FedEx is made up of Express, where drivers are employed by the company and the company supplies the truck. On the FedEx Ground side, you have CSP’s or contracted service providers. They own the trucks and routes and the drivers work for the CSP, not FedEx Ground. … No they don’t pay for truck or routes.

How do FedEx contractors get paid?

FedEx ground is all contractor, you will get paid “per day”. You will not get overtime, you will not be paid for working late. You can expect your route to be changed to make your hours longer, and you do not get paid for the extra time you have to put in past the day rate.

Should I buy a bread route?

A bread route provides a stable income opportunity. You can purchase a bread route for a lot less than what it would take to buy into most other business opportunities. Once you establish your territory and get a regular stream of deliveries going, then your income will become very stable.

How many stops does a FedEx driver make a day?

An average FedEx driver can deliver anywhere between 75 and 125 packages per day! This is extremely high if you were to compare it to the home delivery industry at large, where the average is closer to about 15 to 35 per day.

How much do FedEx line haul drivers make?

The typical FedEx Freight Line Haul Driver salary is $78,812. Line Haul Driver salaries at FedEx Freight can range from $11,217 – $134,652.

Is FedEx route a good investment?

As a relatively sound and stable investment, FedEx routes can show an average increase of 15% per year. … You can spend countless nights wondering how much does it cost to buy a FedEx route, but you would be better served to understand the benefits and opportunity that being an operator can present.

How much do you make owning a FedEx route?

As you look to buy a FedEx Ground route, look for P&D businesses with profit margins between 10 and 25% of revenue. These are healthy businesses! For example, if you purchase a FedEx Ground route with approximately $800,000 in revenue per year, you can expect to pull in approximately $120,000 in profit (or 15%).

Why are so many FedEx routes for sale?

An ISP Wants to Retire Retirement is the most common reason prompting a FedEx ISP to sell their route. The FedEx Ground brand officially launched in 2000, so many contractors have delivered packages for more than twenty years.

How does owning a FedEx route work?

So how do FedEx routes work? Each of these small business owners has an individualized contract with FedEx that outlines the terms of the agreement, such as how they will be paid, how many stops are on a route, the volume of packages to be delivered and more. Some routes will deliver upwards of 220 packages in a day.