Question: What Is No Manches?

What are some Spanish slang words?

Speak Like a True Spaniard: 14 Spanish Slang Phrases You’d Be Crazy Not to KnowEs la caña.

Literally this means, “it is the cane.” Well, that doesn’t make much sense at all.

Qué chulo.

Ir a su bola.

Me cae gordo.

Me importa un pimiento.

Ser un chaval.

Ser la leche.

Mala pata.More items….

Is wey a bad word?

No. It isn ‘t a bad word. It ‘s more like a playful word used predominantly by Mexican men and it means idiot or stupid. Possibly other meanings could be linked to the word “wey”.

What does Quema?

quema = fire feminine noun quema (Spanish feminine noun) quemar (Spanish transitive verb)

What is no Quema Cuh?

@curriezamaria no quema =it doesn’t burn.

What does it mean when someone says no Manches?

“No manches” technically means “Don’t stain.” and is a very common phrase in Mexico. If someone is beating you at a game and they make a particularly good move you might say: ¡No manches!

What’s the difference between no Mames and no Manches?

“No manches” is interchangeable with another popular Mexican expression: “No mames”. “No mames” is even more informal and “mames”, from the verb mamar, is also considered a bad word. Remember to not use these expressions in formal conversations.

What is no Mames?

No mames is crude Spanish slang used to express disbelief (both positive and negative) or excitement. Used especially among Mexican Spanish speakers, the exclamation corresponds to “No way!”, “You’re kidding me!”, or “Stop messing with me!”.

What does Guey mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wey (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈwey]; also spelled güey, or we) is a word in colloquial Mexican Spanish which is commonly used to refer to any person without using their name.

What does Orale vato mean?

1. ( slang) (used to express encouragement) (Mexico) a. come on, dude (slang) ¡Órale, vato!

What does chingon mean?

(Mexico, colloquial) an intelligent, skilled, capable person. (Mexico, colloquial) someone or something cool, awesome, very good. (Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.

What is a Guerro?

Wikipedia. Güero. Güero (sometimes spelled huero, guero or wero) is a word used in Mexico and some parts of Central and South America to denote a person of fair complexion or with blond, light brown or red hair. The feminine form is güera.

What is Chulo Papi?

In Latin-American Spanish slang, a papi chulo is an attractive man. While the term originally names a pimp, it has broadened to refer to a ladies’ man.