Question: What Makes Someone Indifferent?

Is indifference an emotion?

Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern about something.

It is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, or passion.

The apathetic may lack a sense of purpose, worth, or meaning in their life..

Why is indifference the most dangerous emotion?

Elie Wiesel believe indifference is the most dangerous emotion because it allows suffering to continue.

What does indifference mean?

noun. lack of interest or concern: We were shocked by their indifference toward poverty. unimportance; little or no concern: Whether or not to attend the party is a matter of indifference to him. the quality or condition of being indifferent. mediocre quality; mediocrity.

What is indifferent behavior?

1.without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic: his indifferent attitude toward the suffering of others. 2.having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested. 3.neither good nor bad in character or quality; average; routine: an indifferent specimen.

Why does indifference hurt?

As someone who is indifferent; neither. Someone who isn’t indifferent would feel that indifference towards them would certainly hurt the most because people love to feel acknowledged and that they exist in this world and that they mean something to someone.

Does acting indifferent work?

You act as if it doesn’t matter to you and doesn’t affect you in any way. It is a type of simulated behavior, because the purpose is to not reveal to the other person what you are really feeling. … When people use assertive indifference what they are trying to do is not expose their real emotions to the other person.

How do I deal with an indifferent husband?

When your Husband is Indifferent in the MarriageRecognize the difference. … Avoid putting him on the defensive. … Re-discover mutual interests. … Be aware of his physical presence. … Ask yourself if you have been doing anything wrong.

Is indifference the opposite of love?

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. … And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.

What is an example of indifference?

A boy showing indifference to his dinner. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of indifference is a lack of care, concern or interest. An example of indifference is when you don’t care or put effort into something.

How do people become indifferent?

Appearing Indifferent. Keep your facial expressions to a minimum. Being indifferent is all appearing as if you don’t care one way or another. To keep up that impression, it’s important not to give away your feelings on your face.

How do you deal with an indifferent person?

Use awareness skill to notice the indifference. Alternatives: deny, minimize, ignore, repress, justify, and/or endure it. Identify how you feel about the person’s lack of interest (vs.

How does indifference affect society?

How does indifference affect people as individuals and as a society? … So indifference had affected the people as individuals and as a society by destroying families, suffering from the orders the Germans had given to them, losing trust and faith in God, and making them feel like they weren’t human anymore.

When you become indifferent in a relationship?

Indifference is not caring what the other person does in a relationship. There are no arguments, so everything may seem okay on the surface. Arguing stops because you don’t care if you were right or felt hurt by another person’s words or actions.

What is the difference between apathy and indifference?

When used as nouns, apathy means lack of emotion or motivation, whereas indifference means the state of being indifferent. … Lack of emotion or motivation; lack of interest or enthusiasm towards something; disinterest (in something).

Is it bad to be indifferent?

It is good to be passionate about one or two things and it is okay to be indifferent to everything else. Indifference is simply the absence of feeling for or against. It is to say, “I’m simply not thinking about that right now. … It’s okay to say, “I don’t know what I think about that.”

What do you call someone who is indifferent?

Words related to indifferent disinterested, diffident, impervious, haughty, impartial, callous, unsympathetic, uninvolved, unconcerned, nonchalant, neutral, distant, heartless, aloof, inattentive, uncaring, detached, apathetic, unresponsive, blasé

What causes indifference in a marriage?

Indifference in marriage can also be the result of hidden hurt and resentment. … Some people even use indifference to get back at their partners for hurting them. It’s their way of saying “why should I care if you don’t.” The trouble with this is that they gradually eventually become too good at not caring.