Quick Answer: How Do I Activate Belong Internet?

How long does belong take to activate?

Once your modem arrives and you’ve set it up, it usually take five minutes for your service to be active, but in some cases we may need to do extra background work, which can take up to five days.

You’ll know when your service is active because the internet service light on your modem will go solid green..

How can I join belong?

To sign up, we’ll need the following:Service address (where the Belong service will be connected)Existing landline number.Full name.Date of birth.Email address.Mobile number(s)Modem delivery address (if different to your service address)Credit or debit card or PayPal™ account details.

Why is my Belong internet light red?

If the Internet or Service light on your modem is solid red, it means your modem can not detect a DSL signal. To solve this problem: A: Restart your modem. Sometimes simply shutting off and re-starting your modem will reset your connection.

How do I reset my belong WiFi modem?

Push the ‘reset’ button with your pen or paperclip until you feel a click, then hold. Hold for approximately 10 seconds (until all the lights on the modem turn off), then release. Wait for the power and Wi-Fi lights to turn back on (this will take approx 90 seconds)

How much does a belong SIM cost?

Belong Mobile Regular SIM plan For $25 each month, Belong Mobile’s Regular plan includes 10GB of data, plus unlimited national talk and text in Australia.

What is PPP on modem?

Stands for “Point-to-Point Protocol.” PPP is a protocol that enables communication and data transfer between two points or “nodes.” For many years, PPP was the standard way to establish a dial-up connection to an ISPs. As dial-up modems were superseded by broadband devices, PPP connections became increasing.

What is PPP username and password?

The username and password together are a set of credentials for establishing a connection via PPPoE — Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet — from your computer to a computer network, using an ethernet connection as an intermediate transport.

Why isn’t My belong internet working?

Reset your modem Power off your modem for 15 minutes to allow connection to re-establish with the network. Turn off the computer/device that you are connecting with then turn it back on again and reboot the modem. You may need to reset your modem to its factory settings.

How do I access my belong modem?

Open a new internet browser. In the URL bar enter: (this is your default gateway access – these details can also be found at the back or bottom of your Belong modem). Enter the username: admin and password: Belong (these can also be found at the back or bottom) of your Belong modem.

Is belong good internet?

In 2019, Belong is still so basic. Belong offers a single unlimited data option, three NBN speed tier options, two ADSL2+ plans, and three mobile SIM plans. With more broadband providers than ever, Belong isn’t the only one breaking down the complicated NBN market but it is the best for streaming Netflix on a budget.

Is belong network good?

Who will Belong Mobile suit? ALDI Mobile might be the best prepaid provider on the Telstra wholesale network but Belong is by far the best postpaid provider. Most notable is Belong’s top tier offer, the Large 40GB plan.

Can I port my number to belong?

although you have the right to transfer this mobile number to Belong, there may be costs and obligations associated with your existing mobile service and with transferring this mobile number; you may have an existing contract with your existing mobile service provider; and.

How can I recharge my belong SIM?

You can pay for your Belong service via two easy options:direct debit from a Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card; or.direct debit from PayPal (using your credit card, PayPal account or bank account).