Quick Answer: What Does STS Mean In Aviation?

What is Vdrl test negative?

A negative test is normal.

It means that no antibodies to syphilis have been seen in your blood sample.

The screening test is most likely to be positive in the secondary and latent stages of syphilis.

This test may give a false-negative result during early- and late-stage syphilis..

What is the principle of RPR test?

Principle of RPR Test The Rapid Plasma Reagin tests are macroscopic, non-treponemal flocculation card test that detect antibodies produced against antigens released by damaged host cells in patients suffering from syphilis.

What does ATD stand for in aviation?

Actual Time of DepartureActual Time of Departure is the time when an airplane is actually taking off. In logistics, ATD can also mean the point in time when a shipment is dispatched.

What is STS test?

A serologic (ser-o-loj ic) test for syphilis (sif-uh-lus), also called STS, is a blood test to find if syphilis is present. Syphilis is an infection that is spread through sexual contact. There are several different blood tests to find syphilis and STS refers to all of them.

What was the purpose of STS 1?

The primary mission objectives for STS-1 were to accomplish a safe ascent into orbit, check out all the systems on the space shuttle and to return to Earth for a safe landing.

When was the last SpaceX launch?

SpaceX’s Starship SN6 soared over Texas Thursday (Sept. 3) on a test flight just hours after a Starlink launch on a Falcon 9 rocket.

What does FOB mean in aviation?

Fuel On-BoardFuel On-Board. Avionics, Spacecraft, Aircraft. FOB. Flight Operations Building.

What tests detect syphilis?

pallidum DNA. A presumptive diagnosis of syphilis requires use of two tests: a nontreponemal test (i.e., Venereal Disease Research Laboratory [VDRL] or Rapid Plasma Reagin [RPR]) and a treponemal test (i.e., fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed [FTA-ABS] tests, the T.

What does STS stand for?

STSAcronymDefinitionSTSSad To SaySTSScience, Technology and SocietySTSScience and Technology StudiesSTSStreets (US Postal service standard street suffix)226 more rows

What is STA in aviation?

STA stands for Standard Time of Arrival (aviation) Suggest new definition.

What does STS stand for in military?

STS in MilitarySTSSpace Transportation System NASA, Exploration, TechnologySTSSpecial Tactics Squadron Special Operations, Army, Law EnforcementSTSSpecialty Training Standard Career, Technology, TrainingSTSSecurity Technical Specialist Service, Diplomatics, BusinessSTSSensor-to-Shooter Technology, Army, War15 more rows

What does NASA STS mean?

Space Transportation SystemWhat does STS mean? For example, STS-111. It stands for, very simply, Space Transportation System. When they were originally designing the shuttle, that was the official name that everybody gave it. So, when we fly a mission, we are flying Space Transportation System mission 111.

Who was the first woman in space?

Sally K. RideOn June 18, 1983, NASA Astronaut Sally K. Ride became the first American woman in space, when she launched with her four crewmates aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-7.