What Does Counterspy Mean?

What is a counter spy?



counterspy – a spy who works against enemy espionage.


spy, undercover agent – (military) a secret agent hired by a state to obtain information about its enemies or by a business to obtain industrial secrets from competitors..

What does Scintillant mean?

: that scintillates : sparkling.

How do you become a spy agent?

Candidates for CIA agent jobs in clandestine services must:Be a citizen of the United States.Be at least 18 years old.Possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.Have strong interpersonal skills.Have a strong interest in international affairs.Be able to write clearly and accurately.

Is asinine a curse?

ORIGIN: c. 1610, from Latin asininus “stupid,” lir. “like an ass,” from asinus “ass,” also “dolt, blockhead.” So, it is not a curse word, nor is it vulgar, but if you call someone asinine you are saying something negative or bad about them.

What does Assine mean?

1 : extremely or utterly foolish or silly an asinine excuse. 2 : of, relating to, or resembling an ass. Other Words from asinine Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about asinine.

Whats is an agent?

An agent, in legal terminology, is a person who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another person or an entity. An agent may be employed to represent a client in negotiations and other dealings with third parties. … The person represented by the agent in these scenarios is called the principal.

What is the average salary of a spy?

CriminalJusticeOnline says CIA agent salaries range from $54,500 to $76,700, though clandestine service officers also receive a wide variety of benefits.

Can a person be scintillating?

To be scintillating is to be sharp. Things that are scintillating are exciting: they grab your attention with sparkles, flashes of light, or sheer brilliance. Most often, we talk about scintillating conversations and speakers. If you say someone is scintillating, then they are clever — people want to listen to them.

What is a fatuous remark?

If you describe a person, action, or remark as fatuous, you think that they are extremely silly, showing a lack of intelligence or thought. [formal, disapproval] The Chief was left speechless by this fatuous remark. Synonyms: foolish, stupid, silly, dull More Synonyms of fatuous. You may also like.

What does nonplused mean?

1. To put at a loss as to what to think, say, or do; bewilder. 2. Usage Problem To cause to feel indifferent or bored.

What does double agent mean?

In the field of counterintelligence, a double agent (also double secret agent) is an employee of a secret intelligence service for one country, whose primary purpose is to spy on a target organization of another country, but who is now spying on their own country’s organization for the target organization.

How much money do spies make?

The nature of the business is dangerous and CIA Agent income, along with the high level and intensity of training, reflects that. According to the CIA website, CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer or Specialized Skills Officer income ranges from $62,556 to $103,639 per year.

What skills do you need to be a spy?

Spies are information gatherers and must have:Advanced networking skills.Strong creative minds.Impresive body language, facial and emotional recognition abilities.High intelligence and problem solving abilities.Great patriotism.Motivation to reach the top in human organisations.Impresive listening skills.More items…

What is scintillation process?

Scintillation is the process in which the energy from a certain radiation interacting with a volume of sensitive material (called a scintillator) is converted into electromagnetic waves. The frequency of the emitted electromagnetic waves is within or near the visible spectrum.