What Is The Role Of A Disciple?

What is a believer?

Believer(noun) one who gives credit to the truth of the Scriptures, as a revelation from God; a Christian; — in a more restricted sense, one who receives Christ as his Savior, and accepts the way of salvation unfolded in the gospel..

What are the qualifications and responsibilities of a disciple?

The Hari-bhakti-vilasa lists the following qualifications for a bonafide disciple, who may be trained and engaged in Deity worship: l He should be devoted to the lotus feet of the spiritual master. l He should be fully capable of upholding the vows made to the spiritual master.

What is the meaning of discipleship?

Discipleship in the Christian sense is the process of making someone become like Christ. The disciple of Christ is to become like Christ in everything. The primary purpose of Jesus’ coming to the world was to establish the kingdom of God through his death.

What are the benefits of being a disciple?

5 Benefits of DiscipleshipDiscipleship creates opportunities to share the Gospel. … Discipleship helps you build strong relationships with newer Christians. … Discipleship helps you learn to better teach basic Bible truths. … Discipleship helps you memorize Scripture.More items…•

What are the characteristics of a true disciple?

A true disciple is not just involved but is committed to take up his own cross and follow Jesus to the very end. That is a complete and lasting commitment as described by Dr. Lee, “Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose this morning, and is coming back again tomorrow.”

What is the difference between a believer and a disciple?

Quite simply put a believer is someone who has faith in someone or something. You could say that you were a Christian, but that in itself is of no consequence unless you are also a disciple. A disciple is someone who is subject to the discipline of a leader, a follower.

How does one become a disciple?

Faith – one’s part to play to become a disciple Upon telling those who have believed in Him to obey His word so as to prove to be His disciples indeed, Jesus has established that it takes believing and obeying, which is equal to faith, for one to become His disciple.

Is everyone called to be a disciple?

You, yes you, are called to make disciples.

What does a disciple do?

A disciple would literally follow someone in hopes of eventually becoming what they are. A Christian disciple is a believer who follows Christ and then offers his own imitation of Christ as model for others to follow (1 Corinthians 11:1). A disciple is first a believer who has exercised faith (Acts 2:38).