Which Mobile Is Better Than OnePlus 7 Pro?

How long will OnePlus 7 Pro be supported?

2 yearsYou can be sure that OnePlus 7 Pro 5G will be supported for 2 years at the minimum, which means it will definitely get Android 10 and Android 11 updates.

But there also exists a great chance that OnePlus would roll out even the Android 12 update for the device..

Is OnePlus better than Xiaomi?

In contrast, the OnePlus phone packs a 4,300mAh battery that supports Warp Charge 30T which means 30W fast charging. But, the OnePlus 8 does not have wireless charging. The Mi 10 measures 162.60×74….Mi 10 vs OnePlus 8: Specifications.OnePlus 8Xiaomi Mi 10Internal storage256GB128GBExpandable storageNoNoCAMERA64 more rows•May 8, 2020

What is best phone to buy now?

These are the best phones available todayApple iPhone 11. The best phone for most people. … OnePlus 8 Pro. The best premium phone. … Apple iPhone SE (2020) The best budget phone. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is the best Galaxy phone Samsung has ever put out. … Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. … iPhone 11 Pro.

Is k20 Pro waterproof?

Officially, the K20 Pro lacks any water resistance, it’s not even splash proof. Unofficially (and without any promises in terms of warranty), the phone might have a better chance of surviving encounters with liquids than most unrated phones.

Is OnePlus 7 Pro better than Samsung s10 Plus?

The OnePlus 7 Pro’s in-display fingerprint sensor is notably better than the Galaxy S10’s, which is a boon to daily usability….What’s the difference between the OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10+?OnePlus 7 ProSamsung Galaxy S10+Water resistanceNoIP68Dimensions162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm 206 g157.6 x 74.1 x 7.4 mm 175 g14 more rows•Feb 11, 2020

Is OnePlus 7 Pro wireless charging?

No wireless charging The absence of wireless charging here isn’t due to any technical limitation, though — it’s just one of the corners OnePlus cut to keep costs down.

Can iPhone 10 go underwater?

Yes, the iPhone X is designed to be waterproof up to 1 meter or approximately 3 feet. The iPhone X has rated IP67, meaning that it is completely dust-resistant and water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 1 meter or less.

Why OnePlus 7 is better than k20 Pro?

The major difference is in the storage (the OnePlus 7 uses the latest UFS 3.0 while the K20 Pro sticks to UFS 2.1) and the camera stack on the back. … The K20 Pro’s AMOLED panel has no bezels whatsoever while the OnePlus 7 incorporates a more traditional design with a waterdrop notch.

Is OnePlus 7 Pro waterproof?

However, the video that OnePlus shared on Twitter shows the OnePlus 7 Pro being dropped into a bucket of water. This suggests the phone will be water resistant but on IP-certified like other premium flagship Android phones.

Is OnePlus 7t value for money?

Its 90Hz refresh rate screen is impressive, and HDR support makes it ideal for multimedia consumption. Overall, the OnePlus 7T is a value-for-money smartphone that in no way perform anything less than premium smartphones.

Which phone is better than k20 Pro?

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro AlternativesProduct NamePricesSpecs ScoreXiaomi Redmi K20Rs. 17,99489/100Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProRs. 14,87287/100Realme X2 ProRs. 28,79994/100Vivo V17 ProRs. 22,99488/1006 more rows

Is the 11 PRO waterproof?

If you accidentally drop your iPhone 11 in some water, chances are it will be just fine once you dry it off. The iPhone 11 is rated IP68, so it’s water resistant up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) for 30 minutes. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max can go deeper: up to 13 feet (4 meters) for 30 minutes.

Which one is better OnePlus 7 Pro or 7t pro?

The OnePlus 7T Pro increases its battery capacity compared to the OnePlus 7 Pro, but not by much. The 7T Pro has a 4085mAh capacity under its hood, which is a 85mAh increase on the 7 Pro. The 7T Pro offers Warp Charge 30T Fast Charging though, which is said to be 23 per cent faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Is the OnePlus 7 Pro worth buying?

If you want the absolutely bonkers specced phone , then yes OnePlus 7 pro is well worth the money . The most expensive component in a flagship (iPhone XS, G10+ etc) is the display. … OnePlus 7 pro comes with a 90hz 1440p AMOLED panel . That is a first of its kind , best in class display .