Why Is Jio TV Free?

How do I start my Jio TV app?

Step 1: Visit official website jiotv.com.

Step 2: For users who are on the Jio network, the MyJio app requires that a password is created along with the Jio number.

Step 3: This same password along with the current Jio number will have to be entered on the JioTV website..

Does Jio TV work on WIFI?

The Jio TV App for web does not require a Jio internet connection but just your Jio login, and lets you stream a host of live TV channels straight to your monitor or TV using your standard wired connection. JioTV app was launched earlier in 2017.

What is the price of Jio TV?

–For new JioFiber connection, you will have to pay Rs 1,500 as a refundable security deposit and Rs 1,000 as installation charges. –If you are getting the basic monthly plan, you will have to pay at least Rs 699 along with the 18 per cent GST added to it. It’s similar for the annual plans.

Can I watch JioTV on TV?

One such app is the JioTV app, which allows users to watch Live TV on their Android and iOS devices without any additional cost. … With the web version, Reliance Jio users will be able to watch live TV on their laptops, PCs and Macs using the internet browser.

How many channels are there in Jio TV?

575Currently, JioTV has 575+ channels on offer and we will continue to add more channels.

How Jio TV will work?

JioTV is an application which enables you to view your TV channels and favourite programmes on internet enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With JioTV you can pause and play a live programme or catch up on any show telecast over the last seven days.

Is Jio TV good?

The Jio TV is clearly the winner here as the platform shows you over 500 channels – 585 to be specific – in all major languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and Urdu.

Which is better Jio TV or Airtel TV?

In our opinion, Airtel TV makes a much better package than Jio TV. It offers a wider range of TV channels, which means you won’t be missing any major TV programs or live sports for sure.

What is Airtel Live TV?

873K subscribers. Bring alive TV on your smartphone and watch LIVE sports, news, daily soaps and more with Airtel TV. Enjoy 300+ Live TV Channels, 6000+ Movies, 100+ TV Shows and much more. Download the app now: https://get.airtel.tv or visit http://www.airtel.in/airteltv to know more. Show more.

Is Jio TV free?

The JioTV App is now offering access to 626 Live TV channels for free to all Reliance Jio users while the JioTV is also available on Google Play Store for download. … Now, in a recent development, Reliance Jio has announced that its JioTV App will now offer access to 626 Live TV channels to all its subscribers.

How can I watch Jio TV?

In order to view the content on JioTV, users just need to go to the jiotv.com website (https://jiotv.com) and they can start watching the content. However, users will have to sign-in with their Jio SIM number and password in order to enjoy the shows.

Why is Jio TV not working?

Clearing App Data and Cache and Restarting Your Device Subsequently, if the issues still persist, then go to the settings – App setting – JioTV – Clear the app data and cache – Restart your mobile device.

Is Airtel TV good?

Although Jio TV used a little less data at the highest quality setting, Airtel TV allows you to choose the quality, and has a data saver mode, giving the viewer complete control over usage, so we’d say that Airtel TV is easily the winner in terms of data consumption.

How can I watch Jio TV on my Jio phone?

Step 2 – On TV guide scroll up or down the screen to search the TV channel and tap on the channel logo to watch the program. The program will open in mini player. Step 3 – Click on the maximize icon to view the program in full screen. Enjoy watching Live TV using Jio TV App.